Julie Barbeau has been singing her soul out ever since she uttered her first notes at 4 years old. She won her first singing contest at the tender age of ten years old while attending summer camp, which encouraged her to develop her talent. As a young adult she worked with reknowned voice coach Catherine Pinard and sang Diane Dufresne and Barbara Streisand at her first public performance.

She then continued to study under Hélène Parent and Raoul Duguay, two important figures in Québécois singing history.

While living in Bangkok for over a year, she sings for the band Follow John. The following year in Tokyo she sings in the Cadeau and Bijou clubs in the vibrant Roppongi neighborhood.

Back in Montreal in 2000, Julie earns an A.E.C . in sound engineering at the recording arts school Musitechnic. There she meets Bruno Martin, her partner in creating bilingual musical duo Bo’Bordel almost twenty years ago. She is singer-songwriter for the group while Bruno sings, writes and plays guitar. They play French and English original ballads in the folk \ grassroot style.

From 2002 to 2004 Julie sings in The St. James Gospel Choir as well as in the Université de Montréal gospel choir as an alto.  The soulful performances of these choirs and being exposed to the different facets of musical interpretation is what inspire Julie to undertake her journey into the world of theater.

Since 2015 Julie both acts and sings in the titular role of the musical comedy Little Red Riding Hood – The Musical.

Listen to my bilingual singing demo by clicking on the link below! Hear me sing Glorybox by Portishead (English) and On A Beau by Diane Tell (French).

Video Lick de Bo’Bordel

Video Vin de janvier de Bo’Bordel

MOCAP (danse improvisée)

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