Since 2004, as an actor, Julie has acted in an astounding 20 productions and earned 8 awards recognizing the gripping realism of her performances.

Already proving her ability to fully inhabit a character during her first theater performances, Julie Barbeau can create a wide variety of characters, such as a strong yet tender woman, a mother, a teacher, a nurse and even a femme fatale, all within the confines of television and cinema.

Julie Barbeau is always ready to take on new roles, in short films, movies or commercials. She is always seeking to improve her acting techniques. Between  2004  to 2010 Gilles Plouffe introduced her to an organic and creative work method, which facilitates a realist performance. She has also refined her technique with the celebrated John Strasberg from 2009 to 2013. In 2016 she was taught Performing for the Camera and Text Analysis by the reknowned Danielle Fichaud, thereby deepening her knowledge of acting.

Founder of Productions Rêves Intentionnels in 2006, she acted in their webseries and short films. This earned her a best actor win in the drama\comedy category in Los Angeles in 2012. She also plays a prison inmate on the tv show Unité 9, a series written by Fabienne Larouche, one of the most popular screenwriters in Québec.

Julie dreams of breaking the glass ceiling and opening the way for other actors from ethnic minorities. How ? By leading by example with her determination and professional successes, past, present and future.

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