Julie Barbeau’s theater career debuted with gusto in 2004 with over 20 leading performances, comedies as well as dramas.

Known for her talent, she founded Les Productions Rêves Intentionnels \ Intentional Dreams Productions in 2006 to quench her thirst for leading roles that would allow her to give life to characters whose depth could match her talent.

This led to Productions La Tigressa offering her a first role in 2011 in the original play The Arrangement, where the central character was inspired by her own life. The play was translated in French in 2012, now called L’Entente and shown to the public in 2013.

In 2014 Julie joins Gleams Theatre, an English theater company which allows her to earn first roles in original avant-garde plays performed in eclectic locations in front of a diverse audience. She acted in Where Were You When I Was Coming, written by New York playwright C.S. Hanson which was performed in a hotel room at Manoir Ville-Marie to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Gleams Theatre troupe and of the manor itself. Followed by The Best Is Yet To Come by playwright Ira Sokolova who insisted the production take place in a hair salon in Montreal’s West Island.

Julie also held the titular role in the original musical comedy The Little Red Riding Hood – The Musical from 2015 to 2017.

She now wishes to enter the French professional theater scene thus living her dream of breaking the glass ceiling by throwing the doors wide open for Quebec’s diverse artistic and creative community.

Multidisciplinary artist


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